President Pence Approaches?

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With the myriad of scandals, criticisms, and political conflict President Trump has gotten into in his near half-year of presidency, conservatives may already be starting conversations of impeachment, which means replacement of Trump with his VP, Mike Pence.

“If what the [New York Times] reported is true, Pence is probably rehearsing,” said an unnamed House source. This was a large point of debate during the campaign trail – people were convinced that Trump was just a cover-32241110754_884e56b901_zup to allow Pence to take the presidency. And with Trump’s recent dismissal of FBI Director James Comey after investigation into the president’s ties with Russia, Pence is only looking increasingly appealing to Congress conservatives. This has only been heightened since the FBI has refused to quit and has continue to pursue intelligence on Trump’s Russian affiliation.

It is no secret that Republicans, conservative or otherwise, highly prefer Pence to Trump. He has nurtured a strong political career and has avoided scandal and in turn has not had much experience making enemies of his fellow Congressmen.

Especially since President Trump is known to heavily rely on Pence for advice and direction, Trump seems to become increasingly puppet-esque. Everyone is at least a bit unsure as to where the Oval Office will go from here.

What does this mean?

Surprising to no one, Trump is hitting that wall of “wow-I’ve-never-been-a-politician-so-how-the-hell-do-I-perform-as-President?” His severe lack of qualifications is only becoming increasingly obvious, but it’s not exactly easy to impeach a President.

If impeached, Trump would be the second to leave office among scandal – the first being Nixon during Watergate. And amid all the issues he’s caused up on Capitol Hill in the past half-year, a Pence transition would be like rubbing sandpaper over gravel; it’s impossible to go smoothly.

Why is it important? you thought liberals hated Trump, you haven’t seen anything yet. From a Democratic standpoint, Pence is at least twice as bad as Trump. He’s got the hyper-conservative policies and the actual political knowledge and experience to be able to have them properly executed.

Not only that, but impeachment or removal of Trump from office would be a historical rarity, so it’s likely the entirety of the government would be flipped on its head. Some conservatives are hesitant to talk about it because they’re not sure if all that hubbub and chaos would be worth it to just get Trump out of office.

Right now a lot is in the air, but if President Pence were to come to fruition, all Americans – conservative, liberal, Democrat, Republican, and anything in between – need to get ready to be thrown into even more political tumult. Let’s just hope the FBI can figure out the whole Russia situation before anyone drops a Pence bomb.

Read more here and here.

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